Wrapping Cables

by Josh Klos


Ugh, I hate writing about myself. I realized recently that I tend to start with my work and education history and then move to more personal things. I'm going to try and change things up here. We'll see how it goes.

I'm Josh Klos, and I live in the western suburbs of Chicago with my wife and two sons. Being a husband and dad is definitely one of the biggest highlights of my life and takes up a majority of my time and energy (two little boys are quick to sap my energy!). I'm also a follower of Christ, perhaps I should've put that first...(I'm thankful for Joe Rigney's forthcoming book Strangely Bright which helps us to wrestle with enjoying God and enjoying his good gifts to us).

I enjoy reading novels when I can, and have a long unfulfilled desire to visit the UK (and perhaps escape to the country).

I currently work two jobs. I'm the part-time AV Coordinator for Grace Church of DuPage where I manage all of the AV systems as well as the volunteers who run them for services and events. I work full-time as an audiobook producer for Crossway, a publisher located in Wheaton, IL.

I started at Crossway as Bible Typesetter and before coming to Crossway I worked for Moody Radio as a producer and engineer. There I oversaw the technical production of two nationally syndicated radio programs, Midday Connection and Music thru the Night and also helped to launch Moody Radio's first podcast only program, Bring to Mind.

I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2008 with a Bachelors in Communication (with an emphasis in radio production) and in 2013 I graduated from Trinity International University with a Master of Arts in Communication and Culture.

About the Name

Why "Wrapping Cables?" In AV one of the first things you learn (or should learn) is how to properly wrap cables. It's foundational to good AV production, and I'm hoping to explore the foundations of and relationship between AV ministry/production, theology, and communication.