Wrapping Cables

by Josh Klos


Refracted Reality

Roles: Producer, Host, Writer, Editor, Mixer

Refracted Reality was a podcast that I started after leaving Moody Radio. The goal was to help us look at the world in a more sacramental way, and to see things a little differently. This podcast is a feature/documentary format. The heavy production time has caused me to put this podcast on an indefinite hiatus.

Episode 4: We Sang Ourselves Free

This episode primarily explores what is known as "The Singing Revolution" wherein the country of Estonia stood up to the Soviet Union using singing. It's a remarkable story that I was first introduced to while producing Bring to Mind, and that I was excited to dig deeper into for this podcast.

Bring to Mind

Roles: Producer, Editor, Mixer

Bring to Mind was Moody Radio's first podcast only program. I, along with host Melinda Schmidt, wanted to create a program that would ask the hard questions related to what does it look like to live as faithful Christians in a complex world. The podcast was an interview format and featured guests like Phil Vischer, Gabbi Douglas, and Father Robert Barron.

Dr. Daniel Meyer on Christianity and Politics

This episode was released on election day and we didn't know yet who would win the election. We wanted to focus less on the politicians, and instead answer the question, what should Christian involvement with politics look like? My favorite part of this episode was the montage that was produced to open the episode. I sought to emphasize the similarities in promises from both candidates to push listeners to dig deeper beyond the easy words and promises made by the candidates.

Desiree Hassler on the Opera

This is one of my favorite episodes that we did. It was fun to take a topic that many people have misconceptions about and to learn what the opera is really like, and why we as Christians should engage with the opera.

Phil Vischer on Shattered Dreams

Growing up with VeggieTales it was basically a dream come true to be able to produce an interview with Phil Vischer. Here he talks about what happens when your dreams are shattered.

Midday Connection

Roles: Engineer, Technical Producer

Midday Connection was an award winning program that aired on over 200 radio stations Monday through Friday. I served as the engineer on the program putting together creative pieces for the live program, as well as overseeing all aspects of the technical production of the program.

Hurricane Sandy Montage

This montage, which was produced in response to Hurricane Sandy, is an example of the types of montages and creative pieces that I regularly produced for the program.

Need Him Spot

Roles: Producer, Writer, Editor, Mixer

This spot won first place in the PSA category of the iNRB awards. It was produced as a student project for a class and I'm still proud of the concept and how well it holds up, even after a decade.

Haven Today

Roles: Writer, Editor, Recording Engineer

I served as a writer and editor for the weekly commentaries that Charles Morris has recorded for affiliates. I've also recorded remote guests for Haven Today and edited together the audio of the host and guest.